En Suites

One of the greatest luxuries that evolved into home design is the evolution of an en suite bathroom.

En Suite Renovations Ballarat

En Suites for the modern home.

Whether the master bedroom en suite needs a renovation, or whether the en suite needs to be connected between two bedrooms, our team can help complete the work.

We also provide advice and insights about the appropriate designs and layouts for the bathroom. The layouts are important so the plumbing and electrical are not mixed up.





How Our Renovators Can Help

Get it renovated correctly from the start.

Our team is happy that sharing one bathroom amongst the household is long behind us! Instead, en suites are the new normal, and we want to ensure that your en suite is comfortable and functional. We’ll help you get yours built or renovated properly from the start.

Experienced Team

A major factor that sets our team apart here at Bathroom Renovations Ballarat from other teams in the area is our abundance of experience. The workers on our team have been through specialised training, and throughout that time, we have cumulatively collected an impressive number of hours of experience. Thanks to our collective knowledge, we can tackle any bathroom renovation project that comes our way. Regardless of the scope of the project or the timeline of the project, our team of experienced professionals will blow away your expectations for the ideal en suite renovation.

En Suite Expansion

One of the most common projects that our team completes for en suite renovations is an expansion project. Whether that means building the en suite out into a closet or expanding into extra space in the bedroom, our team has the equipment and skills necessary to get the work done. The structural work that is required for expansions is collaborated with engineers and expert builders. As such, you can have complete confidence in the stability of your renovation and the overall integrity of your home for the years to come. In an expansion, we are also able to install dual sinks, which means you and your partner will not need to share between one!

Heated Flooring

Getting out of the shower and freezing when your feet hit the cold floor is not an enjoyable experience. Even though the tiles may look beautiful, they can get cold, and for the ladies who may have just shaved their legs in the shower, you know the inevitable goosebumps will make your leg hair stubbly again in no time. To avoid being too cold when you get out of the shower, one option you can resort to during your bathroom renovation is the installation of heated flooring! We have flooring and tiling experts to do this, and adding this luxurious feature will dramatically improve your en suite comfort.

Boosting your House Value

En suites are a desirable feature in your home. If you want to maximize the value of your home during your ownership, installing and renovating en suites is a wise aspect to prioritize. Since en suites make the household experience more enjoyable for residents, the more en suites result in a greater value in your home. Also, if you want to boost your monthly income by hosting room rentals, an en suite will ensure that you get the maximum price for your room rental.

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