Accessible Bathroom Upgrades

Looking to make your bathroom more accessible? Our team offers services for accessible bathroom upgrades to meet your unique needs.

Accessible Bathroom Upgrades

Support Your Family Members with Accessible Upgrades

We offer services for accessible bathroom upgrades. Whether there are senior needs that need to be accommodated, or even if there are mobility needs that need to be enhanced, our team can handle the job for you.

You do not need to stress about making your bathroom accessible for different needs when you can just rely on our team to transform it instead!


Accessible Storage

Motion Lighting

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How Our Renovators Can Help

Get it renovated correctly from the start.

One of the most important rooms in a building that needs to be accessible to everyone is the bathroom. If there are accessibility concerns for your current bathroom, simply give our team a call here at Bathroom Renovations Ballarat.

Accessible Showers and Baths

As our loved ones grow older, they may not be able to bathe themselves like they used to be able to. To maintain an empowering level of independence for the elders in your life, you can implement changes to the bathroom that will be more accessible. For example, if a walk-in bathtub needs to be installed for an elderly loved one, our team can have that project done for you promptly. Especially because we know that accessibility upgrades in bathrooms are sometimes unexpected. We like to work in a structured fashion to meet your needs and urgency.

Commercial Bathroom Upgrades

If you operate in a commercial building, you need to ensure that you have a washroom that is accessible to all people, regardless of their mobility abilities. As such, if there are accessible bathroom upgrades that need to be completed, make sure you turn to the team of experts here at Bathroom Renovations Ballarat. Whether there are stalls that need to be installed, or even if there is a separate bathroom that needs to be properly renovated, our team will provide you with reliable services. There do not need to be any concerns for accessibility issues once we are done.

Appropriate Shelving Heights

If there are accessibility concerns that you have for the bathrooms in your home, you need to ensure that you hire a team that can build shelving units at the right height. Our team can handle this task for you. We are even able to accommodate custom heights for your own unique needs. For example, there may be different height requirements for little people than there are for individuals in wheelchairs. Regardless of the accessibility accommodation requirement, our team will ensure the work is done properly. In addition to having shelves at the right height, we will also use the material that you prefer.

Accessibility Experts

Any sort of accessibility needs that you may need to be implemented into your bathroom can be done by our team. Better yet, our team collaborates with accessibility experts to ensure that the work is done most helpfully and effectively. Although we are experts in bathroom renovations in Ballarat, we do not know everything about specific accessibility needs. Therefore, if there are specific needs that you have, we will work with a team of reliable experts. This will mitigate the potential of any errors or issues arising with the accessibility upgrades that we implement.

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